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Muie Ponta

by on Nov.03, 2014, under Muie

Nu mi-a plăcut politica. Am încercat să nu scriu despre politică. Am încercat să înțeleg că fiecare are dreptul de a alege și de a vota pe cine vrei. Dar nu se mai poate. După 6 ore de stat la coadă pentru a vota am decis că nu pot să mai tac. Ne-am săturat să ne fure. Prea rău și prea pe față.

random pixels se întoarce.


M-am săturat

by on Feb.13, 2012, under Muie

M-am săturat de:

  • câini vagabonzi
  • gabori care bat nevinovați
  • țigani cu manele la difuzorul telefonului
  • cocalari care se iau de tipe în metrou
  • trotuare pline de gheață pe malul Dâmboviței care n-are balustradă
  • Renault-uri Symbol cu numere de Călărași care nu dau prioritate la trecerea de pietoni
  • trenuri care întârzie 720 de minute
  • -18grade Celsius

Promit că n-o să-mi fie dor de voi.

47 de zile.


Withdrawal – 0 – Prologue

by on Aug.31, 2011, under Viata de zi cu zi, Withdrawal


Pause. Inhale. Wait. Wait. Wait. Exhale. Now go on and find happiness.

Happiness too far away. Heart skipped so many beats today. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Returns to happiness, only to find sadness in its most pure and powerful form.

And this will be “tomorrow” for him. And he hopes that she never finds his words, these words, written when the world stopped spinning for a moment for any given reason.

Oh, he’ll have tomorrows. But not like this particular one. His heart won’t skip that much, the butterflies that now seem stronger than ever will eventually die. It’ll be a different kind of tomorrow, maybe a shitty tomorrow, but a tomorrow with no doubt.

And someone asked is it a song? is it a movie? is it pure wits?

And it’s not a song, nor a movie. It’s just a story, about him and her and how shit turns upside down in the way you least expect it.

It could be a totally new chapter or only another page in the same one. He doesn’t really know, he just lives his story as the pages tell him how.


And now that “tomorrow” is almost over, he sits alone in a dark train, smiles and feels happy. It’s been a long time since his heart pulsed so hard for so long, just looking at her green eyes and at the green scarf that he got her. He’s anxious, his heart is still pumping hard making his hands feverish hot. His body is shaking thoroughly and he could barely stand on his feet. It’s the same feeling he had when he first met her at the McD in the train station, or from the day when she was waiting him at the Crampton.

He took a pill and hopes to feel better, but he’s a long way from home. He closed his eyes and all he can see is her curly hair, her earrings made of string that look like painted dehydrated orange slices and her clear and powerful look coming from her green eyes that remind him of the sea seen from the beach of a village at the end of the Island.

He tried to read, but it’s impossible because he lets himself slide into that imaginary world and he sees and hears and feels everything described in the book, but he also feels her left hand holding his right.

He looks on the window. The train has reached its destination. He’s going home to sleep all the butterflies off.

[to be continued]


E cea mai buna zi

by on Jul.08, 2011, under Iesiri, Music, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

e vineri 🙂

inspirata de bestfest-ul de weekendul trecut


Google Plus

by on Jun.30, 2011, under Caterinci, Music, Photos, Quickies, Viata in 1 si 0

Google Plus

In cele din urma mi-a fost dat acces la noul produs Google, Plus, ce se vrea a fi un concurent direct al facebook. Desi e la inceput si nu am apucat sa vad decat unele dintre functionalitait, cel mai mult mi-a placut Hangouts, care ameninta serios aplicatiile concurente de la Skype sau Yahoo 😉

Mai multe informatii si pareri probabil saptamana viitoare, dupa ce-l butonez mai mult.


Bestfest yay!

by on Jun.30, 2011, under Caterinci, Music, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

bestfest yay!

Deci da, deci merg la toate zilele la bestfest 😀


Pendulum Live Concert!

by on Jun.26, 2011, under Iesiri, Music, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

Pendulum Live

Care mai vine la bestfest? Write in the comments 🙂


Mac OSX Software I really like (and use)

by on Jun.25, 2011, under Quickies, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

I’ve decided to complile a list with all the OSX Mac Software I use on a constant basis on my MacBook  Pro, and try to make this first post about software that is not very well-known or that helps the end-user perform several tasks better. The list, of course, is far from being complete and more posts will follow in the next week with other apps as well. Below is the list:


Perian is a free, open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats. (It’s somekind of a Mac Codec Pack and works pretty well)


MacFUSE allows you to extend Mac OS X’s native file handling capabilities via 3rd-party file systems. It is used as a software building block by dozens of products. (The main feature I enjoy from MacFUSE is the NTFS-writing ability)


AppFresh helps you to keep all applications, widgets, preference panes and application plugins installed on your Mac up to date. All from one place, easy to use and fully integrated into Mac OS X. AppFresh works by checking the excellent for new versions and lets you download and install available updates easily.


AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Installing an application distributes many files throughout your System using space of your Hard Drive unnecessarily. AppCleaner finds all these small files and safely deletes them.


F.lux makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again. Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live. Then forget about it. F.lux will do the rest, automatically.

Quicksilver (by Blacktree)

A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data. (It’s a very good program that combines the Spotlight functionality, App Launcher, and many more. I personally use it as a fast App Launcher and it never lets me down.)

Have any other suggestions? Post them in the comments below


MacBook Pro

by on Jun.20, 2011, under Caterinci, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

13.3, Intel® CoreTM i5 2.3GHz, 4GB, 320GB, Intel HD3000.

Because I’m worth it 😀


Awesome movies part 1

by on Jun.04, 2011, under Movies, Videos

Recently I’ve seen three awesome movies made in the sixties and I thought that they should be shared. Awesome movies, with wonderful actors, with Audrey Hepburn, Alan Bates and Anthony Quinn among them. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

My Fair Lady

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Zorba the Greek


London – Take 2 with pictures

by on Mar.26, 2011, under Iesiri, Photos, Viata de zi cu zi

One week in London. Fuckin Awesome. Left only one day before huge clash on the streets. Click pe poza pentru mai multe poze.


Missed me?

by on Sep.17, 2010, under Caterinci, Photos, Quickies, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

You probably missed me. You probably did not. I’ve been busy with all sorts of things and had no time / inspiration / will to write.

Busy living not busy writing.

For daily updates, visit the 365 project I started. Seriously, check it.

when im sad i stop being sad and be awesome instead

when im sad i stop being sad and be awesome instead


Immersion Boxset

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Caterinci, Music, Photos, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0, Videos

Fuck yeah

mai multe poze pe facebook (click pe poza)


Un sfert academic cu fantoma Craciunului trecut

by on Aug.08, 2010, under Viata de zi cu zi

Aceeasi zi, alt an. Acelasi drum pietruit, aceeasi apa, aceeasi briza. Acelasi soare, alt nor.

Merg cu pasi timizi, dar grabiti. Emotiile ma ard mai rau decat caldura. Cand sansele sunt de unu la un milion, nu mai simti, nu mai speri. Nu iti mai controlezi gesturile, nu iti mai alegi cuvintele, doar mergi mai departe, asteptand finalul.

Ajung. Nu te vad. E un barman nou, chel. Câine lipseste si el. Ma asez la o masa si ma uit imprejur. Nimeni cunoscut. Parca am aterizat intr-un univers paralel, in care nu mai exista nimeni dintre cei cunoscuti. Muzica e altfel, oamenii sunt altfel. Sunt in Zona Crepusculara.

Camino real. A trecut un an si mi-e dor. Un an fara prezenta ta fizica, un an in care am gandit multe, am facut multe si am stricat si mai multe. Aceeasi sare ce nu vrea sa iasa din solnita si sa se aseze pe mana mea

Te caut in continuare, pe la mese, pe la bar, pe plaja. Nisipul nu stie de tine, algele au putrezit, meduzele au fugit Chiar si stafilopozii tac.

Ma plimb, fumez o tigara. Ma uit la numarul tau de telefon, dar nu indraznesc sa te sun. Azi nu. Izbesc tigara de betonul digului si plec. Putin mai trist, putin mai singur si putin mai departe de tine.

Un an de la rochia albastra, un an de la tequila, un an de la pus cortul rebel al prietenelor tale, un an de cand ai disparut. Primul an din cei multi in care am fi fost impreuna.

La multi ani, M!


Fuck Redemption

by on Jul.27, 2010, under Caterinci, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

Fuck Redemption

Fuck Redemption

I am Jack’s smirking revenge.
I am Jack’s cold sweat.
I am Jack’s raging bile duct.
I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.
I am Jack’s wasted life.
I am Jack’s inflamed sense of rejection.
I am Jack’s broken heart.


Dofollow disabled

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Muie, Viata de zi cu zi, Viata in 1 si 0

Am început aventura dofollow, la inițiativa Am văzut că e util și că poate ridica numărul de vizite. Dar am văzut la nesfârșit comentarii fix ampulea, comentarii de 2 cuvinte, date de puleți care încearcă să-și mărească numărul de inbound links de pe blogurile oamenilor cu bunț-simț. Așa că am decis să dezactivez temporar pluginul.

Aștept comentarii


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